Sport & The Law

Sport is ingrained in the Australian culture. It provides health, enjoyment, fun and competition for innumerable people. Sport is also a big business and it provides a livelihood for many. Sports have rules and laws to ensure that fairness and integrity are maintained for all.
Legal issues in sport form a specialist area in which Rebecca has the skills, experience and education. Rebecca holds a Masters of Laws within the sports law program at the University of Melbourne. She has had the pleasure of assisting many amateur and professional sports people and clubs in netball, AFL, Rugby League, golf, tennis and cricket.


  • Player contracts, management and welfare
  • Disputes
  • Disciplinary issues- suspension and penalties
  • Integrity issues- doping, social media, match fixing
  • Sponsorship, media and endorsements
  • Club and Association governance, structure,  constitutions and policy
  • Competition and league structures
  • Membership issues
Rebecca recognises that while athletes and players have rights and lives outside of sport, these matters must be balanced with reputation of the sport and brand protection for the sport and sponsors.