Rebecca is a strong advocate for attempting to resolve issues without the Court’s involvement, including by way of mediation and another alternative dispute resolution process known as Collaborative Law.

As a mediator, Rebecca enjoys assisting parties in family law or sporting disputes by facilitating communication to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement.

Mediation allows the parties to focus on their needs and interests and different options in an informal setting allowing the parties control the outcome.

Mediation Benefits:

  • Affordable – mediation costs significant less than corresponding between solicitors in writing or litigation.
  • Efficient – The mediation process can usually settle a dispute within a half day or a day.
  • Effective – mediation settles over 85% of disputes.
  • Informal – mediation is flexible and informal and parties can be legally represented or be self represented.
  • Empowering – parties are directly engaged in the negotiation process and they control the outcome. The decision making is done by the parties, not the mediator or a Judge.
  • Confidential – Information disclosed during a mediation cannot be used in litigation meaning that parties are free to discuss all options without the threat of the discussions being used in Court.
  • Safe – the parties can be in separate rooms or by telephone or video.


Contact Rebecca to discuss how mediation can assist you.